Inheritors International is a small Christian social action charity founded by Hansi and Kath Jain, based in the Naari slum area of the city of Nagpur, India. 

What is Inheritors International’s big idea?

Inheritors International aim to transform the lives of people through sharing the love of God in practical action and sharing their faith.

What do Inheritors International do?

Inheritors International currently have are currently three key projects:

Emmanuel School

Emmanuel School caters to the children of the slums of Naari, Nagpur and the surrounding areas. The school, was founded in 2005 and now has 86 pupils in 9 classes under the care of 5 teachers.

The school provides holistic care, including ensuring that the children have at least one decent meal per day.  Note that many of these children are the only educated members in their families and their education changes not just their individual lives but the lives of their families and the wider community.

Family Builders

Family Builders is a programme of seminars, workshops and counselling sessions to deal with relationship issues that affect the lives of those within the local communities.

Seminars are held for singles, those preparing for marriage, newly married couples, those with small children and those whose children have moved away.

Jars of Cana

Jars of Cana seeks to empower women who are often disenfranchised within their communities. The project provides transferable skills such as sewing or English classes, together with health and hygiene classes.

How can you partner with Inheritors International?

In Prayer
Pray for Kath and Hansi as they lead the work of the Inheritors, and pray for the work of each of the three projects.  If you sign up for the e-mail updates then you will know what the latest prayer needs are at any given time.

In Action

  • Sign up for the e-mail updates at
  • Be an advocate for Inheritors International by helping to promote their general work and some of their projects in particular within St Paul’s

What about money?

Our partnership with Inheritors International is about much more than money but if you would like to directly support them financially then please use the contact details below.

Need more information about Inheritors International?

You can find out more online at or by speaking with Ruth Shaw.

What next?

If you are willing to personally support Inheritors International in prayer and/or action then please indicate that on your response form and return that form via the collection plate at any service.