Why set up another special fund?

The inspiration for this fund came from Nick’s trip to Uganda in March 2014.

Nick was deeply moved by the way the Tearfund ‘Change a Nation’ programme was transforming the lives of individuals, churches and whole communities.

In a matter of as little as three short years people were being enabled to move from poverty to plenty.  Churches were growing and whole communities were being transformed as the people worked together to establish schools, clean water supplies, toilets, health care and much more besides.

Two things were striking about the transformations he saw.  The first was that it all began in local churches with people reading the Bible.  The second was that the programme helped people to make the most of what they had by working together rather than despairing that the problems were too large for them to deal with.

The transformations Nick saw in Uganda were remarkable and so he deeply wanted us as St Paul’s to be part of the ‘Change a Nation’ programme by partnering with a local Ugandan church.  There was however a problem, Tearfund ask UK churches to donate £3000 per year for three years to cover the costs of the PEP Trainer who works with the local Ugandan church and initiates the transformation.

Nick and the Church Council were acutely aware that we do not have a spare £3000 per year for three years.  However, rather than looking at what we didn’t have to meet the huge figure of £3000 per year for three years, we decided that we needed to follow the Ugandan example and look at what we do have.

One thing we do have is people.  There are well over 150 adults within our church family.  We also have a lot of people who are willing to support things with modest sums of money.  This left us thinking what might be possible if these two were combined.

For example, if 150 people gave £1 per week to a ‘Mission Partner Fund’ then we would have £7800 available that we don’t have currently.  Or even if 100 people gave £1 per week to a ‘Mission Partner Fund’ in addition to their current giving then we would have £5200.  That money would not just enable us to partner with a Ugandan church through the Change a Nation programme but would also allow the church council to offer some modest financial contributions towards the other work of our mission partners.

Of course some people may want to give more and others may not be willing to give anything.  The key however is that it enables us to do something big through lots of regular small donations.  A hope-filled sharing of what we have rather than a despairing sense of defeat that the need before us is so overwhelming that it is simply beyond us.

Please prayerfully consider joining this new fund.  If all of us give a little each week then together we can financially support our mission partners in transforming the lives of thousands of people around the world, especially in Uganda.

Spare a little change?

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