Urban Outreach are a Bolton-based Christian social action charity with an outstanding record of meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable and needy in our town.  Many of us know a little about Urban Outreach through their Winter Watch and Grub Tub projects.

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What is Urban Outreach’s big idea?

The vision of Urban Outreach is to “bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free”, which comes from Isaiah 61.1.

This means that they seek to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual needs of the people who they work with. They want them to have the opportunity to flourish, realise their full potential and live lives free from abuse, poverty, neglect, controlling substances and a sense of failure.

Urban Outreach aims to meet these needs not by working in isolation but by partnering with others agencies such as the local Council, NHS, Police, Prison Service, Probation Service, schools, local businesses, housing providers and of course churches.  There are members of over 80 local churches of all shapes and sizes involved in supporting Urban Outreach’s various ministries.

What do Urban Outreach do?

There are a lot of different groups of vulnerable people here in Bolton and Urban Outreach works with many of them through one or more of their eleven projects:

Street Life works with homeless people to access suitable accommodation and provide on-going support to help clients sustain their tenancies and re-build their lives.

Eve’s Space supports female offenders and those at risk of offending through one-to-one support and group work, in order to prevent reoffending and encourage sustainable lifestyles.

OARS (Offender Accommodation Resettlement and Support) works with male offenders on release from prison. Ongoing support is given to help them maintain a stable lifestyle.

Reach Out offers practical and emotional support, information and guidance to women involved in street sex work in Bolton.

RUNA works with children who have run away from home, helping them understand the dangers of running away and addressing the problems that caused the running.

Storehouse provides weekly food parcels to needy families using vouchers issued by more than 50 agencies accross Bolton.

Winter Watch provides homeless people with food, clothing, showers, company, health and housing advice, occasional sessions by hairdressers and a chiropodist.

Family First works with families experiencing multiple issues including children not attending school, parents not in work, youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

Friends of Fun Food is about buying, cooking, selling and tasting food. This project benefits the poorest and most vulnerable children and families in Bolton.

Christmas Dinner on Jesus provides hampers to struggling individuals and families containing everything they need to do a traditional Christmas Dinner – right down to the crackers and party hats.

How can you partner with Urban Outreach?

In Prayer
Urban Outreach produce a prayer diary – please use the contact details below to obtain one.  This will give you details of different aspects of their work to pray for each day.

In Action
With so much happening right here on our doorstep there are a whole host of ways that you could get actively involved in the work of Urban Outreach.

For example you could

  • Join others from St Paul’s and become a volunteer on one of the eleven current projects.  Some run all year and others are seasonal, so there is a lot to choose from.
  • Help with the church grub tub or get a grub tub into your school or place of work
  • Be an advocate for Urban Outreach by helping to promote their general work and some of their projects in particular within St Paul’s

What about money?

Our partnership with Urban Outreach is about much more than money but if you would like to directly support them financially then please use the contact details below.

Need more information about Urban Outreach?

You can find out more online at urbanoutreach.co.uk or by calling 01204 385848.

What next?

If you are willing to personally support Urban Outreach in prayer and/or action then please indicate that on your response form return that form via the collection plate at any service.