Urban Shift are a small Bolton-based Christian charity set up by Moira Frew and Esther Peggs together with Jo and Tim Greenwood. 

Urban Shift logo

What is Urban Shift’s big idea?

Urban Shift is all about creating meaningful dialogue and partnerships, within and between communities, both locally and abroad, in order to empower people to bring about change within their own lives and ultimately the society in which they live.

What do Urban Shift do?

Currently the key annual project for Urban Shift is taking a group of young people from Bolton to work with some of the poorest communities in South Africa.  The young people from Bolton help build and develop facilities in South Africa to enable the community to overcome biting poverty and the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

Note that the young people from Bolton work extremely hard to raise all the money for their trip.  They are required to raise enough to cover all the costs of the materials they will use while working in South Africa in addition to the costs of their travel and accommodation.  This way there is no burden on the South African hosts and the young people have real ownership of their trip long before they depart.

Over the years the experience is a life transforming one for both the young people from Bolton and the people they work with in South Africa.

How can you partner with Urban Shift?

In Prayer
Small charities such as Urban Shift are always vulnerable to many factors beyond their control.  You could commit to praying for Urban Shift’s work to be protected by God and to continue to grow so that more lives can be changed.  You could also commit to praying for the cycles of fundraising and for safety during the trip to South Africa each year.

In Action

  • Join with the groups of young people to help them raise the funds for their trip to South Africa.
  • Be an advocate for Urban Shift by helping to promote their general work and some of their projects in particular within St Paul’s
  • Volunteer to help with the work of Urban Shift – administration, website, building skills – what difference might your gifts and talents make?

What about money?

Our partnership with Urban Shift is about much more than money but if you would like to directly support them financially then please use the contact details below.

Need more information about Urban Shift?

You can find out more online at urbanshift.org.uk or by speaking with Moira or Esther.

What next?

If you are willing to personally support Urban Shift in prayer and/or action then please indicate that on your response form and return that form via the collection plate at any service.